Kerafast   #EVU301,B Cell Activating Feeder Cell Line (EL-4-B5),B细胞激活饲养层细胞(小鼠胸腺瘤连续细胞系)

Cell Line EL-4-B5 is a subclone of murine EL4 thymoma that is a bromo-deoxyufidine-resistant mutant, and can be used as a feeder layer to generate B cell cultures yielding human monoclonal antibodies.

IL-2 producing EL-4 mouse thymoma cells underwent mutagenesis with ethyl-methane-sulfonate resulting in fusion partners for T cell hybridomas. It was then discovered that the thymidine kinase-deficient and ouabaine-resistant clone EL-4 BurOUr 6.1 also activated murine and human B cells via cell contact. Subcloning produced the EL-4-B5 cells, which strongly activate B cells. EL4-B5 is grown with B cells to activate the B cells via direct cell contact to induce proliferation, differentiation, and secretion of antibody. The EL-4-B5 cell line offers a method for the generation of recombinant human mAbs from single antigen-specific B cell clones selected with fluorescent VLPs and can be used to generate human mAbs to many other viruses whose proteins can self-assemble into VLPs.


Product Type:Cell Line
Cell Type:Mouse thymoma continuous cell line
Accession ID:CVCL_5I39
Biosafety Level:2
Subculturing:Cells are both adherent and suspension. The suspension cells are the more healthy ones. Can tolerate large splits after line is established (volume ratios of 1:10, for example). Helper function is optimal when cells are in log phase growth. Keep density below 106cells per mL at all times
Growth Conditions:RPMI-1640, 10% FBS heat inactivated, with 2 mM glutamine, usually antibiotics (typically pen/strep or gentamicin plus amphotericin B), 10 mM HEPES, 2- mercaptoethanol (0.056 mM)
Cryopreservation:Standard conditions (typically 10% DMSO, 90% FBS)
Mycoplasma Tested:Yes
Storage:Liquid nitrogen
Shipped:Dry ice

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